Signup for Basic Ticket Broker Website

The basic package provides a hosted website with the ability to buy and sell event tickets to approximately 80,000 different concerts, sporting events and theatre productions. This representing over 8,500 different ticket brokers with over $8.5 billion worth of event tickets. We provide access through the #1 network of independent sellers that list tickets on the TicketNetwork® Online Exchange. The website is completely automated with no need for customer service on your part. All fulfillment and customer service is handled by third parties. Usual markup amounts to approximately 15%.

The basic subscription is for 1 year payable in quarterly installments at time of signup using PayPal.  You may choose from a list of existing websites with 3 possible choices or you may choose an internet domain name relative to your existing business. We will make every effort to secure an appropriate domain name if available. For example if your business name is Greenleaf Medicinals you may choose (at this time this domain is available, however is not) or you may wish which is also available as of this posting. Your domain/website will be valid and renewable quarterly. Setup can usually be accomplished within 5 business days after signup. Any questions feel free to send a support ticket of call for help. If you choose your own custom domain name and hosting there is a small additional annual registration fee of $100.

Examples of these custom ticketing websites can be seen by clicking one of the links below:


Once signup is complete we will gather pertinent information regarding your business to finalize your integration into the event ticket business. Good luck and welcome aboard!

Available Plans – See Dropdown for Additional