Which WordPress plug-ins give you maximum blog benefits

WP plugin-logoAlmost everyone who uses the internet knows WordPress as the best blogging platform. It is estimated that almost 65% of bloggers use WordPress for blogging. With such a large community, you will find thousands of plug-ins to use with your blog. Though Plug-ins provide added functionality for your blog, not all plug-ins are helpful.

Here is a list of “Must have” WordPress plug-ins that will help you get the maximum benefits from your blog.

Spam Karma

Google Page rank has started a new race among website owners to spam blogs for a back link. If you have a high page rank for your blog you will end spending most of your time deleting the spam comments. Spam Karma is an anti spam plug-in to help you stop all automated blog spam without any effort. This helps you concentrate on your blog rather than on the spam comments. You can download Spam Karma from the site http://unknowngenius.com/blog/wordpress/spam-karma/

wordpress-logo-plugins“All in one SEO” Pack

All of us have heard about search engine optimization for getting organic traffic from the search engines. You must also be aware of the fact that getting your site optimized for a search engine is a tedious task. All in one SEO pack is an useful plug-in meant to help you minimize your efforts in search engine optimization. This plug-in allows you to post unique META tags, META description, keywords and page titles optimized for the search engines. It also allows you to post common META tags and descriptions if you are too lazy to update each page.

WordPress Database Backup

Do you spend a lot of time optimizing your blog, trying to get traffic and advertising your blog? What if you wake up one day and find your blog lost due to some server failure. Are you prepared for such disasters? If the answer is no, you must get WordPress database backup plug-in. This plug-in helps you in on demand backup of your WordPress database thus ensuring that you are prepared for any disasters on your blog. You can download this plug-in at http://www.ilfilosofo.com/blog/wp-db-backup

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Have you always wanted to have the latest version of WordPress installed on your blog but always wondered if you could do it painlessly. The WordPress automatic upgrade plug-in allows is developed to allow easy & effortless upgrade of your WordPress installation to the latest version. This plug-in automatically backups your database, downloads the latest WordPress version, installs the files and reactivates your previously active plug-ins. This plug-in can be downloaded from http://techie-buzz.com/wordpress-plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade-plugin.html

Permalink Migration Plugin

Permalink is the permanent link to the blog post after it moves to the blog archives. Such links are indexed by the search engines and any changes to these links normally result in a “Page not found” error and hence loss of traffic. The Permalink migration plug-in automates the entire migration process. This plug-in is a must have if you are not satisfied with your blog’s Permalink structure and would like to change it. This plug-in can be downloaded from http://www.deanlee.cn/wordpress/permalinks-migration-plugin/

Google Sitemaps plug-in

Sitemap is considered as an excellent navigation aid for your site visitor. XML sitemap are also known to provide search engines the necessary information for quick indexing of your blog. The Google sitemap plug-in automatically creates a XML sitemap for your blog and pings search engines informing them about the changes on your blog. This plug-in can be downloaded from http://www.arnebrachhold.de/2005/06/05/google-sitemaps-generator-v2-final

Related Posts

Visitors coming to your blog post through search engines usually leave the blog immediately after reading the post. The related posts plug-in helps you retain the visitor by providing him related posts and thus ensuring that the visitor has enough relevant content to stay on your blog. This plug-in can be downloaded from http://wasabi.pbwiki.com/Related%20Entries


Have you always wanted to have a video site but lacked the programming knowledge for it. The Easytube plug-in makes it easy for you to incorporate Youtube videos on your blog without a single line of any code. You can download this plug-in from http://www.ejump.co.uk/wordpress/easytube-plugin-for-wordpress/


This plug-in provides an easy and convenient way of monetizing from your blog. It displays all banners on your blog in a random manner thus avoiding banner blindness for your regular visitors.

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